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I understand that the my session retainer of $25 reserves my session date and is non-refundable. I understand that the remaining session fees are due the date of my session, payable by cash or check, made out to "Noel Walker." Remaining fees due the date of my session = $150
Model Release *
I understand that by hiring Noel Walker Photography I consent to images from my session being used on social media, including but not limited to, Noel Walker Photography's Facebook page, website, blog, etc. I understand that if I do not want my images used, I am responsible for notifying the photographer prior to my session.
Liability *
I understand that my safety, and that of any other members or children involved in my session, is my responsibility. I agree to monitor my children, and understand that Noel Walker Photography is not responsible for watching children at a session. While every effort will be made to conduct my session with everyone's safety in mind, Noel Walker Photography is not responsible in any way for circumstances beyond her control. I agree to hold Noel Walker Photography and any associates harmless in the event of any injuries or loss of property.
Client Lateness/No Show Policy *
Client is responsible to notify NWP if running behind schedule; if client does not show up to their allotted time, NWP is not required to stay and the retainer will not be refunded. Client also understands that lateness is deducted from the allotted session time and that the photographer is not responsible for lack of images or loss of sunlight due to shortened session time.
Client Cooperation *
While NWP will always strive to make clients comfortable and elicit genuine smiles/interaction during every session, client cooperation is required in order to achieve desirable images. NWP cannot be responsible for uncooperative clients or "force" genuine smiles onto anyone. Please know that every session is meant to be full of fun, interaction and no super-stiff posing! We want you to have fun! With everyone's cooperation, your session will be a terrific experience. NWP will not tolerate any hostile, sexually inappropriate or threatening behaviors. A verbal warning may be given, but NWP also reserves the right to end any session that does not follow these guidelines and the retainer will NOT be refunded.
Images Provided *
I understand that Noel Walker Photography will provide me with all edited images that are up to the photographer's standards. Images that are less than flattering, out of focus, duplicates, or otherwise unusable will be discarded at the photographers discretion. All delivered images will be touched up to the photographer's standards, and may include a mix of color and black and white images. I understand that Noel Walker Photography reserves the right to edit photos to the best of her artistic ability, and any additional edits requested may be subject to additional editing charges of $25/hour. Please feel free to share your images with family or friends, or on social media (please refrain from adding filters to images posted online). Tagging my photography page is always much appreciated as well =)
Print Release *
I understand that Noel Walker Photography (NWP) only endorses printing from or through Noel Walker Photography, as I love for my clients to have the very best standards and quality in their prints. Because of variations I can not control in areas such as color and quality among other print labs, NWP can not be responsible for variations in prints when printed through other labs. I understand that printing from any other labs may give unexpected color or quality in my prints and that Noel Walker Photography has no control over these results. Noel Walker Photography also utilizes a professional print lab, and clients are always encouraged to order high-quality prints directly from Noel at any time.
Image Delivery *
All sessions (with the exception of weddings) will be delivered digitally via Pixieset. A USB of your images will ONLY be provided upon request and there is a $25 charge per USB. I understand that my images will be provided via Pixieset and that if I would like a USB of images the additional $25 fee applies.
By digitally signing below, I acknowledge that I have read and understand all the policies outlined above, and agree to follow all procedures. **Please enter /s/ followed by your full name below for your digital signature (example: /s/Noel Walker)

For more information on what to expect at your session, tips on what to wear and more, click the "welcome" link below! 

I understand that in order to achieve the clean, simple look being advertised for these sessions, Noel Walker Photography will have wardrobe options provided for me (the mother). I can also choose to bring my own wardrobe options, and I agree to discuss all clothing choices with the photographer ahead of time in order to achieve the best quality images possible. Wardrobe for children may or may not be provided, depending on size. Smaller children may also simply be dressed in a diaper or swaddle-type wrap.