Behind the Lens

Ever since I was a little girl, dressing my siblings up for yet another one of my "photo sessions" - you know, the kind where I would hang a sheet off the edge of our bunkbed and set my unwilling subjects up in front of it with random objects from our toy box - I have had a deep love for photography. There is something about trying to capture just a little piece of someone's soul, their joy, the pure love shining in their eyes that just fascinates me. I want to capture these memories - the ones that leave people in happy tears and that will help you remember that moment in time for years to come.

I specialize in families (toddlers are my particular niche - they are cute no matter what they do, and they totally appreciate my crazy antics at a session) and aim to capture the candid moments that truly tell your unique story. At my sessions, we will spend less time posing and "cheeeeeees"-ing in unison, and a lot of time just having fun together!  

I am a natural light photographer with a weakness for Starbucks, glitter and the smell of summer rain on pavement. I currently reside in sunny California with my husband and our three little crazies =)


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